I am so blessed and honored that you all chose Kanella Brown Photography to capture your BIG day or your sweet family memories. You all hold a special place in my heart. So many of you at first may have been clients but as always you become my friends. ❤

A wedding planned from abroad
Saturday, February 11, 2017
A wedding planned from abroad

A Wedding Planned from abroad I am happy to finally catch up with some blogging and to post some pictures of this gorgeous wedding!! Anthony and Robin met during their time in tech school, which is where the military learns and trained them on the specific job they've chosen. Both Robin an Anthony are in the Air force. Robin stated "I was sitting in what we called the "snack shack" after a long day at class and was laughing at something my friend had said when a really handsome guy walked through the door. Now, keep in mind that I had just graduated from Basic Military Training (two months with nothing but healthy, "good for you" food) and I was really hurting. As fate would have it he just so happened to be carrying a 10 piece chicken nugget. We made eye contact, he smiled, and then he walked over to say his very first words to me. "Want a chicken nugget?" We got to know each other and I think I ended up eating the rest of the nuggets by the end of the night." Fun facts about the couple:"Well Anthony and I both love video games. We've always got each others backs in Call of Duty, and we love playing Destiny together. Destiny is a one player game and we always fight over the controller. Its actually gotten to the point that I think we're going to buy another game console to be able play with each other. Anthony has taught me how to long board and even bought me my ...

A Special Princess Story
Saturday, September 17, 2016
A wedding planned from abroad

December of 2015 Shelby had surgery to remove a mastoid of infection behind her ear andpatch part of her cranium where the infection had started to eat the bone exposing brain.The culture of the infection came back as LCH. This is when good cells go rogue andcause BIG problems.Once diagnosed with LCH, she had to start seeing an oncologist to determine treatment.You can never get rid of this disease, but you can get rid of the rogue cells and try and preventthe good one from going bad. Shelby will endure a minimum of 12 months of chemotherapyto try and get these cells back in order. Shelby just turned 7 on December 31 and only God knows how challenging this is physicallyand mentally going to be for her. Medical bills will add up. Gas will add up. Fast food mealsin between doctors appointments will add up. As of today Shelby is responding well to thetreatments with few side effects.Please help us spread this page and get the awareness out there!!!To help Support Childhood Cancer Awareness Click Here To keep up with updates about Shelby and her story follow her Here 

Dickey & Arnett Wedding - Burge Plantation
Tuesday, June 21, 2016
A wedding planned from abroad

I am excited to be able to show you how beautiful the Dickey & Arnett wedding was!! Jack & Margaret are so cute together they have such loving and fun personality's and relationship together. As you can see in their pictures they love to have fun and just   be themselves. Their May wedding was held at the always beautiful Burge Plantation. All the details and hard work definitely paid off in planning this wedding. Just look at Toby in his super cute tie in his pictures!! How did they meet?"Jack and I actually met online but our families have been friends for years. What a small world. Weirdly enough, a month after we started dating I went to South Africa for 3 months and stayed   at a Children's Home. I think we both knew if we could make that work we could make anything work. Fortunately, technology was on our side and we were able to communicate at least every other day through iMessages. We had weekly Skype meetings that had a 6 hour time difference. Once I got home, everything just kind of feel into place. We dated for about a  year and a half before Jack proposed and we were engaged for 7 months and here we are one month into our married lives. I jokingly told Jack that the first anniversary we could celebrate was when we passed Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries 72 day marriage." Fun Fact: This new family is a house divided when it comes to ...

Exciting News!!
Saturday, June 11, 2016
A wedding planned from abroad

Hey everyone!!! I have some exciting news to share about my business. I first want to start off by saying how much I appreciate you all!!! You are the reason my business is where it is today. Your faith in me and your confidence in letting me capture your memories has kept me going. With most business there are growing pains within; mine has been my branding. I have struggled with it over the years and continued to always find a way to get closer to my goal. I am almost there!! With that I am excited to announce that Kanella Brown Photography has a new logo!! I didn't want to change everything but wanted to stream down my logo to a more "me" look. Everyone knows my logo because of the dandelions, so in stead of removing them all together I did keep the dandelion seeds. Please take a moment to look over my new logo design. I can't wait to show all my upcoming sneak peaks on Facebook with my new design. Thank you so much!!! ❤️ Kanella 

Better When We Are Together
Friday, June 03, 2016
A wedding planned from abroad

McDonough Wedding: Burkett & West Wedding At Willowick Farm The Fairy Tale Of Madison & MattThe way Matt and I met is kind of a funny story. We went to different high schools but we had plenty of mutual friends growing up and never ran into each other or communicated! Matt went into the Air Force right after graduating high school from Luella High School in 2011 and I went straight to college after graduating from Woodland High School in 2012. In April of 2014 we started communicating through Facebook since he wasn't home due to the military and we began getting to know each other. I flew out to Seattle, Washington where he is stationed after about 6 months to meet him and we have practically been inseparable ever since.My hobbies have always included horseback riding and spending time with my family. Matt is kind of a kid at heart. Matt has been in the military for 5 years and has deployed 3 times overseas. The first was to Qatar and the last 2 were to Afghanistan which occurred after the time in 2014 when we met. It hasn't been easy for us but it has made our relationship much stronger.We have a lot in common due to the fact that our personalities are very similar and we are pretty much likebest friends.We got engaged in Disney world in February of 2015. My absolute favorite place in the world. Our next step in life is to build our new life and marriage together. We ...